Lately people have been talking more and more about how we spend our time. Up until now, we’ve been quick on the trigger when it came to shopping. If you’d present it to us like we really needed it, we’d believe you and eventually buy it. This is rapidly changing, with Airbnb and startups like Rentuu that being what set the whole thing in motion. Nowadays more and more people opt for renting instead of buying. Here’s what this trend could do to our society!

We would have less debt

Consumerist societies are those that consume a lot of goods. They also put a lot of stress on owning, since this is considered to be more admirable than renting, or even worse, not having at all. When they’re put under a lot of pressure to prove their status by buying stuff, people start getting into debt. If the renting trend continues, on the other hand, we’ll probably manage to break that vicious circle.

We would have more job opportunities

Of course, people renting would mean that we’d stop making as much stuff. This might sound like it would end up in increased unemployment, but this is the wrong way to approach the issue. What needs to be considered is the fact that a lot of jobs will become automated. On the other hand, people will be able to do business based on renting.

We would do better at protecting the environment

Consumerist societies produce a lot of goods. This results in increased pollution, which is something we’re trying to eliminate. It takes a lot of work and money to reduce the damage we’re doing to ourselves and to the planet. If we continued renting instead of buying, we could make it a lot easier for ourselves to protect the environment.

We would stop being a consumerist society

The fact that you’d rather rent than buy something means that you’re not a part of the consumerism for which the modern world is infamous. Since most people agree that being so focused on stuff is bad for us, the renting trend might be exactly what we need.