Weapon Usage in the World

After the World War 2 it was planned to clean the world from upcoming threats by cleaning the weapons. It was considered that this program or campaign will be successful but the governments of different countries failed to attempt the desired goals because of laws and legal authorities of different countries. It was believed that the countries will make a join action program against the weapon usage in the world but the program failed because of above mentioned reasons. Now the Weapon usage in the world is increasing because of bad security situations and terrorism.

Weapon usage in the world because of terrorism:

Terrorism is one of the most important problem and issue of this century. There are many good examples that show the importance and consequences of the terrorism. To handle the security situations many countries such as America allowed the citizens to have a gun for their safety and protection but under strict rules and regulations. You can have a gun but you can’t display it in public because it’s a symbol of terror. When you look the situation in most of the Asian counties such as Afghanistan then it will become clear that everybody even child have guns. Why they use these weapons frequently and why not their governments stop them to bring the weapons with them in open public places?

Cultural practices and geographical distributions:

The cultural practices and geographical distributions are some of the most important factors that stimulate the weapon usage. Once again you can use the example of Afghanistan. The area is unstable and no one is protected there so it’s important to have a gun for own safety and protection.

Impacts of Weapon usage in the world:

The impacts or consequences of weapon usage in the world are not so good because there are many drawbacks of using different weapons openly. No doubt, you are using a gun for your protection but you can hurt somebody in anger. The events of crimes are also increasing because most of the people have open access to different large and small weapons which is leading towards weakening of law enforcement agencies.