Sports are means of fun and entertainment but these are also used for the fund rising. Different games and players are famous to donate huge amounts of funds for the people who need that support. Anyhow, last year the super Sunday sports were very famous and hot topics. People and companies are looking forward to plan gaming tournaments for the safety and rehabilitation of the people. However, there are many sports organizations and clubs that are running different charity programs for the youth of the world.

The Super Sunday golf tournament is not just a playing tournament but it has a brief history and functions behind. The club is running many programs for the betterment of the youth by facilitating them in many fields. These fields are education, business and other little schemes for the promotion of the young people.

Tournament formats and prizes:

This golf tournament was designed according to the normal tournaments. Sponsorships were collected by meeting different leading and popular companies. Tickets and participation fees of the players were used to buy prizes for the players. The tournament was successful because of strong promotion and publicity as it was promoted as a charity tournament.

Scholarship programs:

The tournament, who is sponsored by enterprises like M & T Bank and various forex brokers generated huge supporting funds for the young people who have talent and skills. Many types of educational scholarships have been introduced by the organization for the students who don’t have power to get higher education in some good schools and colleges. What is the mean of fund generation to support the expenses? The club is making funds for the students by organizing different tournaments and golf tournament was one of the best examples of these programs and events. However, it seems difficult to produce big amounts that can be enough to meet with the educational and other expenses of young people.