Music brings people together. Music is a way to bring people to peace and to avoid war. Today there are several foundations which believe the music is the right “tool” to allow human genre to forget diversity and to promote peace.

There are indeed several songs which talk about non-violence, which spread the hope that one day we will be able to “make love”, not war.

Let’s take as example Music 4 Peace Foundation, its mission is to promote peace through the seven notes. They want also support social unity and non-violence in order to protect cultural diversity. To do so the foundation have a series of programs, such as events, concerts and festivals (in which the music has always the first place) spread all around the year.

Music is also used to remember gone people who have been very important in our world for their contribute to peace and equality. One of those is without a doubt Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013), who was awarded with the Nobel for the Peace in 1993. During and after his life he was always supported and remembered in songs and lyrics by several artists such as Ringo Starr, Bono, Peter Gabriel, Ron Wood and Keith Richards. You can have a look at all the videos celebrating Nelson Mandela on Rockol. This can help you to understand his importance in the “fight for peace”.

Music is, as always, one of the best way to remember a person and to continue with the dream of peace. As John Lennon sung: “Imagine all the people Living life in peace…”.