Landmines – Humanity in Crisis

Landmines are a deeply humanitarian problem. These weapons kill in peace. Although they are directed against soldiers, but they kill and maim women and children. Precisely because of these indiscriminate weapons against human consequences that are now banned by international law.

The statistics are sobering:

In 70 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North, Central and South America, millions of mines laid. Hardest hit Afghanistan, Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Eritrea, Iraq (Kurdistan) are, Cambodia, Croatia, Mozambique, Somalia, Sudan and Vietnam.

The prosthesis of a growing child needs every six to twelve months, an adult every three to five years to be replaced.

In large numbers the victims at the time of the injury alone and in remote locations. A doctor of the ICRC estimates that 50% of mine victims die within hours of the explosion.

The danger of land mines can deny in the field of strategic points of access to drinking water and arable land and prevent mobile vaccination teams in the country from exercising their duties.

In the last 55 years, anti-personnel mines more deaths and injuries as a combined nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

The International Committee of the Red Cross estimates that every month 800 people killed by mines and another 1,200 are mutilated, which means that 2000 victims each month, 25 000 in each year.

According to UNICEF estimates, 5000-6000 of the victims children.