University cost can be very high depending on the chosen institution. Lots of students apply for any kind of financing help in order to help them to pay tuition and to complete studies. Among the american school institution, such as Princeton university (which is one of the best USA universities) is possible to see several types of financing. Princeton university allow to have financial aids both for undergraduate students and for graduated one. By visiting Princeton website about financial aid is possible to have as much as needed information.

Those helps allow Princeton to become more affordable than in the past, even for not-rich families and for those who are looking for a sort of financial aid, with an average grant which is about $ 40,000.

Princeton university has always taken care of students who are looking for financial aid. In 2001 this university has been the first one in the United States to offer a financial aid in replacement of the classical loan. The new Princeton financial aid does not require to be given back by students.

Foundations are also very important for studies and students. In 2013 Princeton university has signed an agreement with Foundation Pirelli in order to allow the last one to support cultural projects all around the world. For the first time in 2014, the journalist Gianni Riotta will held, with professor Gaetana Marrone from Apulia, a new course which will focus on Italian history from the end of second world war until present days.