Who is “black” help of maid or babysitter can act, unlawful. There are legal alternatives, which are slightly more expensive

Haushaltsfee, gardeners, nurses – without such hard-working assistants were too much for many families with their daily lives. Especially if children or the elderly must be cared for and both partners work, the workload without Help is often wupper hardly noticeable. “Currently, increases in home care, especially the illegal employment in private households,” said Günther Klee from the Institute of Applied Economic Research in Tübingen. No wonder, given inadequate care insurance benefits, scarce and expensive professional nursing care services.

Undeclared work is an important economic factor: In 2007, she had a volume of 136 billion euros, or six percent of Germany’s economic performance, the Tübingen Institute of Applied Economic Research determined. And approximately 16 percent went to work in private households.

A guilty conscience has hardly anyone: illegal house cleaners and other helpers are seen by many as a trivial matter. A fatal error that can be really expensive: “The rules were tightened in 2008 massively,” said Hartmut Kilger, lawyer specializing in labor law in Tübingen. “Once the aid is taking place regularly in exchange for money, easily a profit and will report to illegal work.”