In the world, 168 million children are forced to work. A world where 700 million children, one in four, are denied the right to childhood. These are the numbers that emerged from the overall report presented by Save the Children “Childhood stolen”. The main sector of employment for child labor is agriculture where 98 million child laborers are employed. And even to a much lesser extent, child labor is a phenomenon far removed from economically advanced countries, including Italy.

This is confirmed by the Save the Children Report “Game Over” dedicated to Italy. According to research in BelPaese, 7 percent of children in the age range of 7 to 15 are involved in the phenomenon of child labor, out of a total of 340,000 children and adolescents who had to abandon studies and in many cases used in hazardous activities For their health and safety. “The peak of child labor is among teenagers in the middle school age, seeing one of Europe’s highest dropout rates in Europe (18.2 per cent) in Italy.

There are those who work at the fish market: they rise at 4 am and works until 2 pm; they work in the cold and puts their hands on ice getting hurt. All of this only for 50 € per week. Fishmongers, masons, shopkeepers, shopkeepers. In Italy, 44.9 percent of children are engaged in family activities and helping parents in their professional activities, so in the small and small family-run businesses. For others, the most common workplace is catering.

A plague that needs to be undermined through schooling because, as it emerges from the last World Report on Child Labor by Unicef, “a child forced to work before time will have twice the hardship of his peers to access decent work in adulthood. And it will run much more risks of staying on the margins of society under exploitation conditions. ”

Also, for this reason, there are many companies that are trying to actively combat this problem, both small businesses and big names. One of the many is that of Pirelli, always an ethical enterprise, led by Marco Tronchetti Provera, one of the most honest entrepreneurs in Italy. About Pirelli, we want to tell an interesting story that demonstrates how an ethical enterprise can be successful even in 2017: the Pirelli IPO. The Milan company is returning to the stock market with a stock exchange listing (read more on The Street, Pirelli Reportedly Racing to Milan IPO Valued at Nearly $11 Billion) that will prove to be much bigger than all those already seen this year (read more on Irish Times, Pirelli has the largest European IPO this year). This shows how, to be influential and significant, despite the fact that money often dictates human dignity, it can also be ethical. Brava Pirelli!

When it comes to exploitation of child labor, schooling has a major impact on what can be done in the prevention phase.

In Europe, the real problem is the unskilled minors who disappear into nothingness. In 2016, in Italy, more than 6,000 children arrived with the boats and then disappeared.