The charity shows and concerts are organized by different organizations and agencies. The main purpose of organizing these events and concerts is not to create some sort of entertainment or fun but to generate funds for the poor people. In this world many events happen daily that caused damages and losses to the people. For example, the storms like tsunami and Katrina are most popular that had caused sever losses to the people. These events pass but leave many things behind. Luciano Pavarotti is a popular and famous charity organization that is working for the benefits and rehabilitation of the people suffered by any natural disaster. It was started by the Pavarotti to support the people of the world. Now it has many branches in the world that organize different events to collect funds for the deserving people.

The Nouvelle Charity is also popular because of its tremendous history and charity works. The people who are gaining benefits from this organization are more than 10 millions. This charity agency also announces different events and concerts to collect support funds for the people. The Jackie Chan’s Charity campaign is also important to be discussed here. In the last 10 years many benefit events and concerts were held. These concerts and events were designed or planned for the deserving people of the world who need instant or regular help for the continuity of life.

The SARS Benefit Concert is very famous because it gained the highest funds in the history. There are many international concerts that were organized by world famous charity organizations such as Live Earth (2007) and Live 8 (2005) are also important because these are among one of the most popular and successful benefit events and concerts that collected highest amounts of funds by arranging the concerts in different cities of the world.