Who said that big brands only think about collecting as much money as possible?

In recent years, social marketing has become a fashion, a way of promoting the image of a company through charitable initiatives. While there is a truly beneficial intent, it is undeniable that in terms of image it is also a great advantage for the brand.

This type of initiative, which started in the fashion industry, has quickly spread to other sectors. But what are the main initiatives in this regard? Let’s go and discover the big brands that have implemented this type of operation.

Big brands that do charity: which are the main ones?

As already stated, the fashion sector was a starting point that later became “viral”. Dolce&Gabbana, for example, has been working with Unicef since 2012 to finance children’s vaccination centers in Darfur.

This initiative was followed by others from the same brand. Valentino is certainly no less important, as from 2013 it will participate in initiatives aimed at finding funds for associations such as On Sierra Leone, OrphanAid Africa, and Sumbandila.

Louis Vuitton was one of the first companies to believe in this type of operation, since in 2003 it was already active in various fields: from environmental protection to the association Chernobyl Children International.

Armani works for many years on projects to fight AIDS as well as carrying out projects in some difficult environments such as Ghana or Bolivia. Moreover, this kind of initiative is often sponsored by famous people: this further increases the echo of these projects, leading to even more concrete results (all the more with the help of social networks).

Not only fashion, however: just think, for example, about the food or sport industries. Companies like Amaro Ramazzotti 1815, or Giovanni Rana always do everything’s possible to help other’s lives. Not only those two example, but lots of brands are constantly working to create projects for the less fortunate.

In short, social marketing seems to be an increasingly widespread practice in every field.