Top 3 most Safe Countries in The World

When starting to choose the place for living or when just searching about the safest countries of the world you will find some amazing facts and news. The people are looking to find some places that are safest in the world. Most of the problems are because of external and internal security events and situations. However, there are some countries that are still the safest countries for the people. No one wants to go in some troubling areas even if they are offered great opportunities because people don’t want to take risks. This is the top 3 according to the channel PeaceTv (here’s a review of the app on FreApp)

Norway, the best one:

According to last global peace survey, Norway is the safest country of the world. Among the most peaceful and safest countries it is number one. The people of the Norway have great literacy rate. Most of the times, it is said that they have incomparable or immeasurable education level. It is because of great efforts of the government of Norway as they have tried their best and hard to make the country peaceful and safest by giving the people opportunities to get higher education as education brings broadmindedness. The unemployment rate of this country is 3.5 % so there is no chance of street crimes. All the people even school age people can read.

New Zealand:

New Zealand is the second country which is safest and peaceful after Norway. Same like Norway the people of New Zealand are literate and they have good literacy level. The employment rate of this country is very high and almost all the people have attractive jobs and business opportunities. This country is safe because it is present in one corner of the world so effects of terrorism are so far from there. You can walk in this country everywhere at night. Government of New Zealand is making good policies and security laws to make the safety of the people sure. The country has many tourists’ attractions and many tourists come there every year. Something is hop to happen sooner or later in the big cities of the New Zealand but the events of violence are heard seldom.


It is a European country close to Norway. It will be true to say that Denmark is one of the first countries of the world that has implemented really effective laws and policies to stop the crimes. The people of this country believe that poverty, lack of information and unemployment are some important causes of terrorism so these problems should be encountered in order to maintain the peaceful environment favorable for the nation.

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Landmines – Humanity in Crisis

Landmines are a deeply humanitarian problem. These weapons kill in peace. Although they are directed against soldiers, but they kill and maim women and children. Precisely because of these indiscriminate weapons against human consequences that are now banned by international law.

The statistics are sobering:

In 70 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North, Central and South America, millions of mines laid. Hardest hit Afghanistan, Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Eritrea, Iraq (Kurdistan) are, Cambodia, Croatia, Mozambique, Somalia, Sudan and Vietnam.

The prosthesis of a growing child needs every six to twelve months, an adult every three to five years to be replaced.

In large numbers the victims at the time of the injury alone and in remote locations. A doctor of the ICRC estimates that 50% of mine victims die within hours of the explosion.

The danger of land mines can deny in the field of strategic points of access to drinking water and arable land and prevent mobile vaccination teams in the country from exercising their duties.

In the last 55 years, anti-personnel mines more deaths and injuries as a combined nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

The International Committee of the Red Cross estimates that every month 800 people killed by mines and another 1,200 are mutilated, which means that 2000 victims each month, 25 000 in each year.

According to UNICEF estimates, 5000-6000 of the victims children.

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Weapon Usage in the World

After the World War 2 it was planned to clean the world from upcoming threats by cleaning the weapons. It was considered that this program or campaign will be successful but the governments of different countries failed to attempt the desired goals because of laws and legal authorities of different countries. It was believed that the countries will make a join action program against the weapon usage in the world but the program failed because of above mentioned reasons. Now the Weapon usage in the world is increasing because of bad security situations and terrorism.

Weapon usage in the world because of terrorism:

Terrorism is one of the most important problem and issue of this century. There are many good examples that show the importance and consequences of the terrorism. To handle the security situations many countries such as America allowed the citizens to have a gun for their safety and protection but under strict rules and regulations. You can have a gun but you can’t display it in public because it’s a symbol of terror. When you look the situation in most of the Asian counties such as Afghanistan then it will become clear that everybody even child have guns. Why they use these weapons frequently and why not their governments stop them to bring the weapons with them in open public places?

Cultural practices and geographical distributions:

The cultural practices and geographical distributions are some of the most important factors that stimulate the weapon usage. Once again you can use the example of Afghanistan. The area is unstable and no one is protected there so it’s important to have a gun for own safety and protection.

Impacts of Weapon usage in the world:

The impacts or consequences of weapon usage in the world are not so good because there are many drawbacks of using different weapons openly. No doubt, you are using a gun for your protection but you can hurt somebody in anger. The events of crimes are also increasing because most of the people have open access to different large and small weapons which is leading towards weakening of law enforcement agencies.

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