Top 3 most Safe Countries in The World

When starting to choose the place for living or when just searching about the safest countries of the world you will find some amazing facts and news. The people are looking to find some places that are safest in the world. Most of the problems are because of external and internal security events and situations. However, there are some countries that are still the safest countries for the people. No one wants to go in some troubling areas even if they are offered great opportunities because people don’t want to take risks.


Landmines - Humanity in Crisis

Landmines are a deeply humanitarian problem. These weapons kill in peace. Although they are directed against soldiers, they kill many women and children. Precisely because of these indiscriminate weapons against human consequences they are now banned by international law.


Weapon usage in the world

After the World War 2 it was planned to clean the world from upcoming threats by cleaning the weapons. It was considered that this program or campaign will be successful but the governments of different countries failed to attempt the desired goals because of laws and legal authorities of different countries. It was believed that the countries will make a join action program against the weapon usage in the world but the program failed because of above mentioned reasons. Now the Weapon usage in the world is increasing because of bad security situations and terrorism.


Suu Kyi excluded from elections

Myanmar. The opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma has been ruled out of the first parliamentary elections in 20 years. As a convicted person Suu Kyi in Burma, neither active nor passive exercise the right to vote. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Suu Kyi led the opposition in the last election 20 years ago to victory. The military government accepted the election result not. The parliamentary elections will take place in November..